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Effective and engaging writing can be harder than it seems.

But with the right training, anyone has the potential to nail the art of great written communications. Our training team are writers first, so they truly practice what they preach. Based in London and Bristol, they’ll come to you wherever you are to take your written communications from good to exceptional.

Copywriter training
Training in copywriting can lift your team's capabilities in only a matter of hours.
Because communication skills are life skills.

Some people seem to just have a way with words. For others, it takes time, effort and hard work. But it’s a myth that being a good copywriter is something you either have or you don’t. Virtually anyone can be taught to improve their written communications through a copywriter training workshop.

The word ‘training’ can conjure images of dull, powerpoint-heavy sessions that are too generic to do any good. Our training programmes are engaging, informative and fun to attend. We’ll make sure your team doesn’t nod off 30 minutes in and, even better, we’ll help them learn valuable skills that will transform your business’ written communications.

Tailored and targeted training

We’ll design training sessions to suit your company’s unique needs. If your team is completely new to copywriting, we can help them get to grips with the essentials of best practice writing. Or if you have a team of experienced wordsmiths, but a new tone of voice, we can help them adjust their approach to accurately reflect your brand. We’ll work with you to determine where your team needs the most support, and we’ll create a tailored workshop that ensures we boost confidence, improve writing quality and ensure team consistency. Our training services work best for groups of eight or more but can be adapted to suit smaller teams.

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